image_testimonialsSamuel Davis has been an educator for over 30
years, and as a first-person interpreter he continues
to enlighten and entertain audiences of all ages with
his vast knowledge of George Washington.

Samuel Davis offers many programs on
George Washington’s life. Here is a list of
some of the programs:

  • Tales of Washingtons Childhood
  • Washington’s Leadership, Character and Quality of Life
  • The French and Indian War
  • The Battles of New York and the orderly retreat through New Jersey
  • Battles of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton New Jersey
  • The Winter Encampments of Valley Forge and Morristown

Here is what they are saying about the energy that Samuel Davis brings as General George Washington

“You can feel the energy fill the room”
       Dr. Michael S. Kelly, Trustee, Crossroads of the
American Revolution National Heritage Area

“He ought to to schools… recruiting offices… anywhere that young people are. He can show them THAT is what America is all about”
       Bill Kerst, Claire Estates

“I had the pleasure of performing with Samuel. He is very powerful. He brings the spirit of George Washington alive.”
       Robert DeVitis, Ben Franklin impersonator

“Everyone loved him”
       Alyson Mulryne, Claire Estates